Stop the annoying human validation process, our bot does it for you!

Customer identity validation in real time

reduce per 5 your manual review

R-bot, the review killer

Don't waste time on manual review. SELLsecure'bot automates the annoying parts of manual review with our API. We can treat up to 50% of your manual review queue without any human intervention

Create your own rules to automate review.

digital customer footprints validation

Digital identity verification

Behind everything put on the internet... We check from several social media sites, webmail providers, whois databases, and other open data sources to get a full picture of any customer.

  Email lookup
  Address lookup
  Phone lookup
IP lookup
Bank card lookup
... and more

manual review

Validate tricky files in seconds

SELLsecure Review is designed to take the work out of making manual review. Just ask and we will find the information you need. Bypass all those confusing data decisions… Fraud managers need solutions to make quick decisions with contextual information.

Email Lookup

Access to

2 000 000 000

email profiles available

Powerful toolbox, fraud prevention software

digital customer footprints validation

Fake Account Signups Detection

To prevent fake signups, we add a special Email API to check email quality... Our email API identifies fake email, temporary email, bots, fraudsters, and high-risk users.

Valid email
History / Creation date
Domain reputation
Social activity

digital customer footprints validation

Cross-browser Fingerprinting

SELLsecure's fingerprint use the most powerful digital fingerprinting algorithms. Our new technology is based on computer hardware not only on the browser.

digital customer footprints validation

Account Takeover Detection

We combine device fingerprint, digital identity and behaviour analytics to detect suspicious navigation and warn you if the account have been takeover.

Behavior Analysis
Cross browser fingerprint technology
IP / Device location
Velocity of logins

Who are we ?

We are already the leader in France on Fraud prevention software, and we spend tons of hours doing reviews.

With this knowledge we created a unique UI to make the review faster and smarter. We really think this tool can revolutionize the way the companies do their manual reviews.

Review is made by and for the fraud investigators.

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